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Subacute Care and Rehabilitation
ElderWood's Subacute Care and Rehabilitation Services are designed to help patients recover from surgery, illness or injury as quickly as possible. By providing a wide variety of health care services in our state-of-the-art programs, we ease the transition from hospital to the community. ElderWood's goal is to assist every patient in the program to regain their independence at home.

As an alternative to hospital or home care, we offer a full range of nursing and medical services. Care teams include physical and occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, dietitians, nursing and medical professionals, and a trained social worker available for counseling and case management. Specialized therapy and individual attention ensure that all residents regain a high level of independence before discharge back to the community.

Subacute Care
 Subacute Care


Subacute Services Rehabilitation Services

 • Post-Surgical Care
 • Continued Medical Care (Medically Complex)
 • Infusion Therapy
 • Wound Care
 • Pain Management

 • Orthopedic
 • Neurological
 • Pulmonary
 • Cardiac
 • Oncology
 • Amputation
 • Arthritis


The ElderWood Difference

ElderWood offers the right choice for the transition between hospital and home.

The length of stay for rehabilitation or subacute care averages only 22 days. And a greater percentage of ElderWood patients return to the community than the national average.

ElderWood's success results from our unique methods of care and attention to each patient's individual needs. While our goal is to return residents to an independent lifestyle, we offer assistance in obtaining services following discharge. Our staff is trained in all aspects of recovery, including continued care and home safety.

For more information

For more information, request a brochure, or visit ElderWood's subacute care locations.

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