Let us guide you.

From the anticipated to the unexpected, change is a part of life. Elderwood is here to help guide you through life’s transitions – giving you both the knowledge and understanding you need to move forward with confidence.

Our genuine desire to help brings ease to uncertainty, while our wide network of communities and services provides you with comfortable options and alternatives.



New guidance from the NY State Department of Health Requires COVID-19 Testing for visitors – For information about visiting Elderwood’s NY State Skilled Nursing Facilities CLICK HERE. 


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Independent Living

Many active seniors choose to simplify their lives to make the most of leisure time and to eliminate chores and life’s administrative details. Our independent living campuses are organized with that goal in mind.
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Assisted Living & Personal Care

Even though you may be active and relatively independent, it may be wise to have some assistance in your many activities throughout the day. We have designed our assisted living apartments to minimize the challenges of getting around. We have staffed our residences with people trained to assist you in anything, from dining, to activities, to medication – you name it.
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After a stay in the hospital and before going home, many patients are in need of physical and/or medical rehabilitation. The goal is to return those patients to the degree of activity and health they had before their hospital stay. To achieve that goal, we have developed the most robust rehabilitation and nursing programs available. All of our nursing and therapy professionals are Elderwood employees. They are trained in the Elderwood systems and regularly attend educational modules to stay abreast of the most advanced methods.
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Long Term Care

We recognize that sometimes the simplest things in life bring the most joy: a great meal, a loving touch, a good poker hand, the second read of a great book long forgotten. At Elderwood our professionals are specifically educated to provide around the clock care, whatever the residents needs are, and whenever.
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