Providing senior comfort & care In a skilled nursing setting

Elderwood skilled nursing facilities provide a personalized approach to long-term nursing care, ensuring your loved one receives the highest level of assistance for the best possible quality of life. Our friendly staff is always there, coordinating their care and providing engaging activities in a warm, home-like setting. Plus, our Seasons® Memory Care program is designed around the comfort and abilities of those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

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Elderwood’s multidisciplinary team cares for all your family members’ needs to ensure comfort, safety and peace of mind

  • Professional teams provide the highest quality of care to maintain residents’ health and wellness
  • Comprehensive services include physical, occupational, speech, pulmonary and respiratory therapy
  • Advanced technology improves clinical outcomes and allows more one-on-one time with residents
  • Electronic medical records provide real-time patient data access for seamlessly coordinated care both on- and off-site
  • Multidisciplinary team consults with family members for shared decision-making
  • Open physician model enables a resident’s own doctor to continue their care plan
  • High quality clinical care and quality of life, as evidenced by exemplary Department of Health inspections
  • Best practice policies result in significantly lower hospitalization rates than state and national averages

Elderwood skilled nursing facilities provide the care they need with the attentive support you want.

Learn how the compassionate care teams at Elderwood’s skilled nursing communities can help your family by scheduling a tour today.