SMARTS® Express Care. A smarter alternative
to emergency rooms.

Elderwood developed SMARTS® Express Care in collaboration with local hospitals, HMOs and insurers to provide individuals with an alternative to the emergency room. With its lengthy wait times, evaluations and tests, an emergency room may not be the right care environment for people with certain health conditions. Elderwood facilitates quick, seamless care all in one place.

  • Provides care right at an Elderwood skilled nursing facility without visiting a hospital.
  • Treatment available for a variety of conditions including pneumonia, weakness, chronic heart failure and COPD.
  • Patients quickly receive the same tests provided in a hospital.
  • Medical treatment and rehab begin without delay.
  • Individuals benefit from personalized occupational and physical therapy so they can regain strength and return home sooner.   

More Subacute Care & Rehabilitation Services

SUBACUTE CARE & REHABILITATION – Elderwood offers the best technology and therapists that help you get well and get back home. Faster.

CARDIAC REHABILITATION – Elderwood has the technological capability and clinical expertise to care for patients recovering from a variety of cardiac conditions and surgery.

ONCOLOGY SERVICES – Elderwood’s integrated and specially trained staff provides the comfort and care necessary to manage the treatment of a variety of oncological conditions.

ORTHOPEDIC REHAB – There’s no better place to recover from knee, hip, shoulder, back or other orthopedic surgery than at Elderwood.

RESPIRATORY CARE (WILLIAMSVILLE, NY) – Our dedicated ventilator unit is staffed by respiratory therapists and specially trained nurses 24 hours a day.

WOUND CARE – Elderwood partners with specialists at local hospitals to deliver intensive therapies and treatment for post-surgical and chronic wounds in a comfortable environment.