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Revised Nursing Home Visitation Guidance – New York State

We appreciate your patience and assistance as we work to keep our residents safe and adjust to changing COVID-19 guidance from the New York State Department of Health. Please note the following guideline changed that apply to Elderwood Skilled Nursing Facilities (Nursing Homes) in New York State. Please check the location page of your loved one's community for details related to the current status of visitation.

PLEASE DO NOT VISIT IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING WELL. Health screenings will continue and visitors with signs/symptoms of COVID-19, or who have been in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19 within the previous 14 days, cannot be permitted to visit (regardless of vaccination status).

  • Visitation can take place indoor/outdoors as appropriate to conditions.
  • In-room visitation may take place, however, it may be limited if social distance with roommates/other visitors cannot be maintained.
  • Physical contact is permitted if the resident is fully vaccinated - proper hand hygiene must be performed before/after physical contact.
  • Masks MUST be worn at all times during your visit and social distance should be maintained.
  • Visitor access is limited within the facility to a designated visitation area.
  • Times when visitation must be restricted:
    • When a resident has an active COVID-19 infection, they may not receive visitors, but the facility may still accept visitors for other residents.
    • When a resident is quarantined, they may not receive visitors, but the facility may still accept visitors for other residents. Residents who are newly admitted/readmitted require a 14-day quarantine.
    • When a new COVID-19 infection (resident/staff) is detected, visitation will be suspended for those residents in close proximity (the same unit) to the infected resident, or the unit on which an infected staff member is assigned.
    • All visitation must be suspended if there are multiple infections across multiple units or if an infected staff member has worked across multiple units at a facility.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of guidelines for visitation. Please contact the community you would like to visit ahead of time for additional information.

In many cases, appointments are still required to ensure we can maintain appropriate social distance and that all residents have an opportunity to enjoy visits from loved ones and friends.

Compassionate Care Visits - Nursing Homes, Adult Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Compassionate Care Visits are permitted even at times when visitation may not otherwise be permitted in accordance with the NYS Department of Health’s current visitation guidance. Please call the facility about specific arrangements or requirements for compassionate care situations.

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Precautions for COVID-19 at Elderwood Facilities

Elderwood has taken a broad range of precautions at each of its facilities to prevent infection and/or mitigate its spread. This includes strict visitor restrictions, staff screening, and the implementation of comprehensive infection control protocols. Our clinical professionals are highly skilled and experienced in working with frail and vulnerable residents and our staff is focused on actively monitoring and addressing the healthcare concerns of all residents.

Prior to each shift, staff are required to wash their hands, have their temperature taken and answer a series of questions to ensure they are not exhibiting any known COVID-19 symptoms. All staff working in our facilities are wearing masks and residents wear masks when in the presence of healthcare workers as well. Any employees who develop symptoms during a shift are immediately sent home. Each resident is evaluated daily.

Each Elderwood facility is supported by an administrative support team in Buffalo, NY who are focused on the procurement and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other essential supplies.

New admissions are isolated for 14 days regardless of the location from which they were admitted (Home, Hospital, etc.) and staff working with new residents wear full PPE.

What if a Resident Is Diagnosed With COVID-19? 

We take great care to ensure residents diagnosed with COVID-19 are made comfortable in an isolated setting and are under constant supervision. Click the button below for more information.

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