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Levels Of Care

Senior Living and Nursing Home Care

Some things can change everything. At Elderwood, we know how easy it can be to get lost in all the decisions life's transitions require. That's why we pride ourselves on guiding our residents and their loved ones every step of the way - with the comfort, support and personal care they deserve.

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Independent Living

Our independent living communities enable residents to enjoy life without the burden of maintaining a home. Ideal for retirement living and those who don’t have a need for day-to-day assistance, our independent living options provide a social and active lifestyle allowing residents to make the most of their leisure time.

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Assisted Living

When taking care of a home gets to be too much, Elderwood assisted living communities are here to provide the day-to-day assistance you need. From cooking and doing laundry to medication management, residents can find confidence in knowing that help with household upkeep and personal care is close by.

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Subacute Rehab

The transition from hospital to home following an illness or injury is an important one. Elderwood’s subacute rehab staff is focused on delivering care and individualized to get you home faster. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists create customized treatment plans to rebuild strength, so you can get back to doing the things you love.

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Skilled Nursing

Elderwood’s skilled nursing facilities offer a person-centered approach to nursing home care. Our staff deliver high quality clinical care and engaging activities in a warm, home-like setting. Elderwood’s Skilled Nursing professionals ensure safety, peace of mind, and the highest level of 24-hour medical attention for  every resident.

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Respite Care

Elderwood respite care is here to offer support and assistance to individuals and caregivers. Available for individuals for a short-term stay, our respite care services provide around-the-clock assistance for a variety of different care levels, while allowing at-home caregivers to have the important time they need to rest and recharge. 

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Home Care

Elderwood home care allows families to gain more quality time together while receiving support, comfort and personal care. Our dedicated staff ensures seniors receive the right amount of care in an environment they feel most comfortable in—home.

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