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Skilled Nursing

Quality, compassionate care in a place that feels like home.

Skilled nursing provides the most complete level of care found outside a hospital setting. Skilled nursing includes the daily assistance offered within senior living communities, with a focus on quality medical attention and around-the-clock nursing care. 

Who needs skilled nursing care?

At Elderwood, our skilled nursing facilities provide a personalized approach to long-term care, ensuring residents receive the appropriate level of assistance in coordination with high-quality compassionate healthcare. Our friendly and knowledgable staff is there to coordinate their care and provide engaging activities in a warm, home-like setting. 

Elderwood’s trained staff of nurses, physicians and therapists cares for our residents’ needs to ensure comfort, safety and peace of mind:
  • Professional teams provide the highest quality of senior care to maintain residents’ health and wellness
  • Residents can benefit from long-term care therapy including physical, occupational and speech therapy to help improve function and quality of life.
  • Advanced technology in place to improve efficiency, track data analytics, and elevate overall level of care for residents
  • Secure electronic medical records provide real-time patient data access for seamlessly coordinated care both on- and off-site
  • Access to Elderwood’s deep network of skilled professionals and resources that work together to provide the right level of care
  • Open physician model enables residents to receive seamless, coordinated care—allowing primary care doctors and social workers to work together to provide the highest level of care
  • Best practice policies result in significantly lower hospitalization rates than state and national averages

High quality, compassionate nursing care in a place that feels like home

If you are facing the need for skilled nursing or long-term care , we invite you to learn more about our services.

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