Orthopedic Rehabilitation Restoring function and mobility

Elderwood is the right place for rehab therapy to recover from knee or hip replacement, shoulder, back or other orthopedic surgery. Our highly skilled team of physical and occupational therapists will customize a program designed to motivate and individually suit your specific needs. Then, they’ll work with you to help you regain functional mobility so you can get back home as quickly as possible.

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  • Advance scheduling of post-surgery rehab at no charge, with admission and discharge criteria already in place
  • Physician protocols are meticulously followed throughout the patient’s stay
  • Patient functional outcomes are measured and tracked to gauge performance improvements
  • Wellness education to manage diet, exercise and medications
  • Training to safely resume everyday activities and recognize potential issues
  • Regular, collaborative meetings ensure all aspects of care are discussed to determine if modifications are necessary to meet goals.
  • Permanent staff-to-patient assignment maintains strong relationships
  • Patient evaluations include education with family and/or caregiver
  • Ease patient’s transition to home by ordering special equipment, scheduling follow-up appointments and arranging for additional services

Before your orthopedic surgery, learn more about Elderwood’s orthopedic rehab services by scheduling a tour today.

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